Online roulette for real money

Choose the best casinos to play online roulette for real money. If European roulette, French roulette or American roulette is your game, then read on to learn more about playing in the safest and most secure online casinos. Click at for the real game.

How to play roulette for real money

As for the rules, there are several versions of roulette, and the two most popular are American and European roulette. The most significant difference between them happens to be that the American includes two spaces with zero: single (0) and double (00) zero. In European roulette, however, there is only one zero.

It is interesting to know that roulette began its life as an American version (although it was not called that at the time) with two zeros. Later, however, one was removed to create another European roulette.

Chances of winning roulette for real money

Like all casino games, real money roulette has a built-in casino advantage; the player thus statistically loses a certain percentage of the amount of bets paid in the long run.

In European roulette, the advantage of the casino is 2.7%, which means that the player statistically loses € 2.70 for every € 100 bet. The roulette wheel contains 37 numbers, and direct bets only offer a payout of 36: 1 (35: 1 plus a return starting bet). It is similar with bets on odd or even numbers, as odd and even numbers are the same, but of course there is still zero.

In American roulette, there are even 2 green zeros, so the advantage of the casino is of course higher. The long-term advantage of the casino in American roulette is thus 5.7%, which is quite high.

The main strategies in roulette

Regardless of the point that roulette use to be designed to offer an advantage to the casino, people are always inventing different strategies to beat it. This, obviously, comes as no astonishment given the great popularity of roulette.

But before you touch on some of the main strategies in roulette and briefly explain them, it should be emphasized that no strategy can nullify or reduce the benefits of casino. This always remains the same in roulette, unlike some other games such as blackjack or video poker, where the player’s actions significantly affect the chances of winning.

In fact, players can only reduce their chances, specific to American roulette, if they choose to bet on 5 numbers. In this bet, the advantage of the casino jumps to 7.89%.